Middlemarch featured in PEHub on its expanded staff and investment offerings for family offices

In a featured article in PEHub, Sasha Grutman of Middlemarch discusses the firm’s two lines of business: investment banking and principal investing. In the article, he compared Middlemarch’s model to some of the oldest modern banks that previously invested in the deals they helped companies finance.

“Not only do we provide investment banking [and] transaction support to raise capital forcompanies and support M&A and sales of companies…but because the two founders of the firm spent a very material part of their careers in private equity as investors, we like to co-invest in deals that we bank,” Grutman said. “The reason that we started Middlemarch is because companies valued that investment perspective from their banker…that we go to market thinking, partially, ‘Would we invest in this company?”

A link to the article in PeHub can be found here.

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