Industry Focus

Middlemarch focuses on financial services and business services, where our Partners have spent their entire careers as investment bankers, investors, and operators.
Middlemarch believes the unique characteristics of the financial services sector require deep expertise to exploit growth opportunities and to minimize exposure to risk.


Financial Services Market Drivers

  • Evolving regulatory environment
  • Market dislocations and cyclicality
  • Technology and product innovation
  • Alternative service delivery and globalization
  • Unique capital structure needs


Middlemarch concentrates on technology-enabled financial and business services companies that exploit disruptive technologies, transform the economics of their industry, and successfully navigate changing market landscapes. The firm works with leading management teams to build differentiated companies that command strong valuation and attract top-tier investors.

The banking, lending, and investing experience of Middlemarch’s Partners allow the company to serve a broad range of financial services companies, including those that require unique balance sheet requirements and sophisticated financing structures.